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US to attack Russia in 2015. Evgeny Fedorov

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The battle for the planet earth is reaching a climax. by benjamin. October 28, 2014

Cheap African solar energy could power UK homes in 2018..Desertec Initiative is dead

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Investors are seeking funding from the UK government for an ambitious plan to import solar energy generated in North Africa.

Under the scheme, up to 2.5 million UK homes could be powered by Tunisian sunshine by 2018.

The company involved says they have already spent 10 million euros developing the site.

A number of overseas energy producers are competing to bring green energy to the UK from 2017.

The TuNur project aims to bring two gigawatts of solar power to the UK from Tunisia if the company wins a contract for difference (CFD) from the British government.

Under new rules published by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc) in the Summer, the government will allow developers of renewable energy projects that are not based in the UK to bid for contracts that guarantee subsidies to supply power.

TuNur, which is a partnership between British renewables investor Low…

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Russian bases to span entire Arctic border by end of 2014

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Russia will have military control of the entirety of its 6,200 km Arctic coastal zone by the end of 2014, just a year after Moscow announced its ambitious plan to build military presence in the region, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced.

“We have set quite a pace in our foray into the Arctic,” Shoigu said during a military council meeting in Moscow. “By the end of the year we will already deploy most of our units in the region – from Murmansk to Chukotka.”

Moscow announced its intentions to create a special force grouping in the strategic region in December last year, with Vladimir Putin saying that Russia needs to activate “all the levers for the protection of its security and national interests” in the “promising region.”

The undertaking, which Shoigu labeled “fundamental,” is now in full flow.

“Many of the sites in the region have to be…

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Saudi clerics financing terrorists in Syria: Nusra ex-commander

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Images 26/10/14

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time travel with photons

this diagram describes what time travel would actually look like..i dont get it..


i have some images now of a jpop group called mejibray..evil looking us the one eye above..


telling us who they work for here..


band member eye..


band member tsuzuku..


and band member meto..i dont have to point it out to you..even the bear has one eye..


something about that logo and image disturb me..


black beauty looking more white than black and with one eye..


genevieve magazine..


“fuck normal”..and “be yourself”..i dont call wearing what thousands of others might be wearing as being yourself..i call that falling for the bait of being a conforming non conformer..skull and one eye.. :)


just a big wtf..not sure what this is all about but its sort of evil..take a look at their website:


kate bosworth with a well placed curl..


how many times do we have to…

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Crimes Against Humanity in Ukraine: Cluster Bombs by Kiev Military in Populated Areas

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Silent Genocide:
the UN Security Council held a special meeting over the use of cluster bombs by the Ukrainian military in populated areas.



the real SyrianFreePress NETwork reloaded at


NOTE: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The team and the editor of SyrianFreePress.NETwork do not necessarily subscribe every point of view expressed and are not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article.




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15 Uses for Baking Soda Every Prepper Should Know

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Survival Uses for Baking SodaSurvival Uses for Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate has a slightly salty, alkaline taste and in its natural mineral form, it is called nahcolite. It is a component of the mineral natron and is found dissolved in many mineral springs. It is often called baking soda, bread soda, cooking soda and bicarbonate of soda.

Sodium bicarbonate helps to regulate pH in other words; substances would be neither too acidic nor too alkaline.

Personal/Medical Uses in a Survival Situation

1.) Rehydration drink for survival situations or for those that may be sick and would need electrolytes, glucose and sodium added back into the body. This is considered an effective rehydration method.

The recipe below is for informational purposes only, and should only be used when other methods of replenishing the body with electrolytes is not available. You can of course add your own flavorings while keeping in the intended purpose of the…

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Why is the Pentagon making Ebola ‘therapeutic’ and CDC Patenting Ebola strains?

Featured Image -- 13938

Are you awake yet? Government-enforced medical quarantines just went from ‘conspiracy theory’ to official policy in NJ and NY

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NATO Blackmails Bulgaria Over Military Modernization

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Sofia News Agency
October 13, 2014

NATO To Observe Closely Bulgaria’s Military Modernisation


NATO will closely observe Bulgaria’s modernisation of military equipment, as planned in the “Vision 2020” strategic paper, prepared by the caretaker Government, reports Sega daily.

According to the report, quoting a last week meeting between caretaker Defence Minister Velizar Shalamanov and Heinrich Brauss, Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning, could also start an infringement procedure, if the next government fails to follow the plan.

Unofficial information claims that Brauss said that if next government decides not to follow the plan, Brussels would start a penalty procedure against Bulgaria and would limit the country’s access to NATO investment programmes.

This would mean that if, for example, Bulgaria wants to buy 3D radars, as described in the “Vision 2020” plan, it will not have access to NATO investment programmes.

During the industrial forum in Sofia, of which…

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Off-grid Project: DIY Burnable Bricks & Logs Out of Paper

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fire bricks

By Fred Tyrell - SurvivoPedia

The ability to make long burning fire logs or fire bricks could be a life saver during and after a major crisis. The time to learn how to make, use, and store them is now, before any major crisis starts.

Right now, devices used to make fire bricks and logs are as close as your favorite hardware store; but in a time after a major crisis there will be no place to buy them.

Fortunately, you can use simple materials from around the house, the yard, or even a junk pile to make a fire log or fire brick maker.

How to Make Fire Logs

Materials needed

Continue reading at SurvivoPedia: Off-grid Project: DIY Burnable Bricks & Logs Out of Paper

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The US involvment in 134 Wars

Featured Image -- 13927

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By Timothy McGrath ~ [MintPressNews, ~ reissue from 22/9/2014]

The White House spent much of last week trying to figure out if the word “war” was the right one to describe its military actions against the Islamic State.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was at first reluctant:

“We’re engaged in a major counterterrorism operation,” he told CBS News on Sept. 11.
“I think war is the wrong terminology and analogy but the fact is that we are engaged in a very significant global effort to curb terrorist activity… I don’t think people need to get into war fever on this. I think they have to view it as a heightened level of counter terrorist activity.”

Kerry said similarly hedgy things during interviews on CNN and ABC.

By the next day, the Obama administration appeared more comfortable with the word war, yet hardly offered any more clarity. White House…

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RIA Novosti: 25 EU Banks Fail ECB Financial Resilience Exam With $31.68 Bln Capital Shortfall

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25 EU Banks Fail ECB Financial Resilience Exam With $31.68 Bln Capital Shortfall

The skyline of the banking district is pictured in Frankfurt, October 21, 2014. The European Central Bank will release the results of Europe's most comprehensive review of its banks' health on October 26. The outcome will give the clearest picture yet on the state of the European banking sector, which was pummeled during the financial crisis. Picture was taken October 21, 2014.
14:37 26/10/2014

MOSCOW, October 26 (RIA Novosti) – The results of the European Central Bank’s year-long resilience examination of the zone’s 130 largest banks as of 31 December 2013 have revealed a capital shortfall of 25 billion…

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China, India launch new Asia Infrastructure Bank

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The rest of the world comes together to shut down the maniacal structure in the West! I think most of us agree that it can’t come soon enough . . . ~J

October 24, 2014, 6:28 am

Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei at the signing ceremony of the new infrastructure bank in Beijing on 24th October 2014 [Xinhua]

In a landmark achievement, 21 Asian nations including China and India on Thursday signed on a new infrastructure investment bank which would rival the World Bank.

The governments of Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam signed on as founding members of the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Beijing on Friday.

One of the first projects of the new Bank is expected to be financing infrastructure projects along the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “Maritime Silk Road” re-establishment.

Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said on Friday the “multi-national financial institution which…

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PressTV: West turns Eastern Ukraine into a new Gaza, by Jim W. Dean

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Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko, current president of the Ukraine coup governmentPetro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko, current president of the Ukraine coup governmen

Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:50AM GMT

by Jim W. Dean

Related Interviews:

Western media has eased off its heavy coverage of the Ukraine conflict, and for a good reason. The West’s new democracy protégé, President Poroshenko’s coup-miester government has continued combat operations against Donetsk non-stop, while using the so-called ceasefire to refurbish his chewed up army.

The sanctions against Russia have gotten a lot of media play, as has the gas pipeline issue where Ukraine has kind of agreed to pay but doesn’t really want to. Yatsenyuk was hoping that the West could use the sanctions pressure to get Moscow to ease off the “pay me now” demands. The good news is the EU is now trying to pull a lending consortium together to guarantee Ukraine’s gas debt and…

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Lebanese jewish Undercover Spy

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Ed Note OCDG: No doubt a long term undercover operative. I can’t seem to find the article that explained how they sent Arabic-speaking jews undercover into Arab nations, for long-term deployment. They even had Arab wives/children, jobs, entire fake lives, etc.

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More wounded mercenary terrorists fleeing from Syria moved to Israeli hospitals

Featured Image -- 13920

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Benjamin- Netanyahu-allahu akbar

Zionist occupation forces transferred more wounded terrorists from Syria to Nahariya Hospital in Galilee in the north of the occupied Palestine over the past 24 hours.

The occupation authorities gave conflicting figures about the number of hospitalized terrorists who have been taken from and to the disengagement area in the Syrian Golan for cure.

The Israeli Walla website reported that two wounded suffering from injuries in the face, limbs and chest were transferred from Syria to Nahariya Hospital, adding that the Hospital have treated 408 so far.

Many terrorist organizations including Jabhat al-Nusra – designated by the UNSC as a terrorist group that should be combated besides Daesh-ISIL under Chapter VII of the UN Charter- spread in the disengagement zone and gain support by Israel.

Hospitalizing members of terrorist groups who get injured during army operations is just one aspect of the unlimited support provided to these groups by the…

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The Pentagon and Big Oil: Militarism and Capital Accumulation

Syrian Army eliminated jihadist mercenaries in several areas, while terrorist attacks murdered 3 civilian and injured scores of others, including 24 kids

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Syrian Arab Army eliminated jihadist mercenaries in several areas

Army units on Sunday inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists and destroyed their vehicles during operations targeting their dens and hideouts in several areas around the country.

Army units killed numbers of terrorists and injured others in Ard al-Mallah, Zahret Abed Rabbo, al-Sfeira, to the west of al-Nairab, al-Ramousa, Tal Jabin, Old City of Aleppo and al-Ansari in the province.

The source added that other army units killed many terrorists and injured others in Khan al-Subel, Hreitan, to the south of Shweilekh bridge, to the east of Sifat, Bustan al-Qaser and to the east of Bashkwa in the countryside of the province.

Units of the armed forces killed and injured a number of terrorists and destroyed a number of their vehicles in several areas in the countryside of Homs central province.

A military source told SANA that army units killed many terrorists…

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Look Up to See Why Most Contrails Are Really Chemtrails

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No Engine Combustion = No Water Vapor = No Contrails = No Persistent Contrails= Chemtrails

No Contrails-aOnce again, the hypocrisy and desperate misrepresentations from FAA, NOAA, NASA and official alphabet agencies is glaring.

This past week saw meteorologists in Florida predicting a repeated pattern of warm, moist air and afternoon thunderstorms created by an Atlantic sea-breeze traveling west across the peninsula.

However, from daybreak to past 1 PM in Alachua County, Gainesville and U. Florida, the skies were clear and gradually transitioned from partly cloudy to overcast by around 2 PM.

During this period, Flight Radar24 reported over 100 commercial flights transitioning Alachua County within 30 deg above the horizon for viewing by observers on the ground.Flight Radar 24 logo

Despite the humid conditions and forecast for afternoon rain, aircraft were witnessed and photographed with no contrails or persistent contrails visible overhead for 7 hours (7 AM to 2 PM) after which the…

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Vladimir Putin Exposes Criminal Global Order: “The US is its Own Worst Enemy”

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By Ulson Gunnar
Global Research, October 26, 2014
New Eastern Outlook
Thanks to L. 


Russian President Vladimir Putin, before an international audience, exposed an international order capitalizing on the end of the Cold War to reshape the world according to its own interests, sidelining concepts such as basic international relations, international laws, systems of checks and balances, and even the very concept of national sovereignty itself. Amid President Putin’s speech, he would condemn the United States’ support for neo-fascists, terrorists, and its contempt for national sovereignty around the world.

The West’s Rebuttal 

Curious language accompanied the New York Times’ account of the Valdai International Club discussion in the Black Sea coastal region of Sochi, Russia in front of which President Putin spoke. In an article titled,Putin Accuses U.S. of Backing ‘Neo-Fascists’ and ‘Islamic Radicals’,” the NYT attempts to portray President Putin’s statements about US support…

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