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Kevin Annett’s April 17th Update on the Trial of the Pope, et al for Child Rape, Torture, Sacrifice

Originally posted on 2012 The Big Picture:

Public Information Update from The Prosecutor’s Office of The International Common Law Court of Justice

Bulletin No. 3: Thursday, April 17, 2014 – 10 pm GMT

In the Matter of the People v. Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby and others charged with global child trafficking and ritual murder


The Court adjourns for two weeks after the first round in the Prosecutor’s Case discloses the startling testimony of eight witnesses.

Two separate witnesses describe their alleged rape and ritual torture by chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio (alias “Pope Francis”) in 2009 and 2010.

The Chief Prosecutor establishes a link between the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families and the disappearances and killing of Mohawk children at the Church of England’s Brantford Indian residential school in Canada.

Jesuit records are introduced as evidence detailing the so-called “Magisterial Privilege” decreeing papal involvement in “Ninth Circle” ritual murder of newborn children. The same records identify Joseph…

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Kerry Agrees to Defuse Ukraine Crisis While U.S. Sends Military Aid to Junta

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Kerry meeting nullified by Pentagon announcement to send military aid to Ukraine

Kurt Nimmo
April 17, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reportedly reached “a compromise, of sorts,” on the situation in Ukraine. Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, the top diplomats agreed that all parties in the dispute would refrain from “violence, intimidation, or provocative actions” and that all “illegal armed groups will be disarmed.”

Meanwhile, at the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, during a joint news conference with the Defense Minister of Poland, Tomasz Siemoniak, said the United States will exacerbate the situation by providing “non-lethal military assistance” to the regime in Kyiv.

The material will consist of “health and welfare items and other supplies,” including medical supplies, helmets, sleeping mats, water purification units, shelters, small power generators, hand fuel pumps, and other items that will be used by the Ukrainian military…

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See life through the lens of a homeless person: Rough sleepers wear £200 cameras on their chests to reveal how they are shunned in public

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Caught on camera: Homeless people in San Francisco are being fitted with $300 GoPro cameras to reveal what it is like being shunned every day from their point of view. Pictured: Former drug addict Adam Reichart, 44 . Adam Reichart, 44, was on and off San Francisco’s streets for 30 years

. He stands outside supermarket where almost everyone avoids eye contact

. Wearing a GoPro camera he adds: ‘It’s my birthday tomorrow’

. Finally as afternoon ends two women walk up and buy him a hot meal

. Founder: ‘A $300 camera is usually reserved for extreme sports’

By Dan Bloom

Rough sleepers are being given $300 cameras to wear to expose what it is like being homeless.

The footage is then uploaded to the web – revealing the masses of people who avoid eye contact and walk quicker when they see someone begging in the street.

Volunteer Adam Reichart, 44, began the project by standing outside a supermarket in San Francisco and pleading: ‘It’s my birthday tomorrow’…
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Putin says oil wars with Russia will make West bleed

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Putin says oil wars with Russia will make West bleed

Opportunities for the West to hurt the Russian economy are limited, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday. Europe cannot stop buying Russian gas without inflicting pain on itself, and if the US tries to lower oil prices, the dollar will suffer.

If the West tries to damage Russia’s influence in the world energy market, efforts will likely backfire, the Russian President said during his twelfth annual televised question and answer session.

To really influence the world oil market a country would need to increase production and cut prices, which currently only Saudi Arabia could afford, Putin said.

The president added he didn’t expect Saudi Arabia, which has “very kind relations” with Russia, will choose to cut prices, that could also damage its own economy.

If world oil production increases, the price could go down to about $85 per barrel. “For us the price fall from $90 to $85 per barrel isn’t…

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Mass Civil Disobedience in New York Against ‘Safe Act’

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Molon Labe: Gun control law a total failure

Paul Joseph Watson
April 17, 2014

The state of New York is refusing to say how many gun owners complied with a mandate to register their assault weapons under the Safe Act while a Sheriff says he will not enforce the measure, suggesting that just like a similar law in Connecticut, the gun control effort has been a total failure as Americans engage in mass civil disobedience against curbs on the Second Amendment.

Owners of assault-style weapons had until Tuesday to register their weapons under the new law, but firearms advocates say they expect less than 10 per cent have complied, while, “The state refuses to say how many were registered, claiming it is confidential information protected by the law,” reports the Buffalo News.

Meanwhile, Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard said he would not ask his deputies to enforce…

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GOP Fears Executive Order On Biometric Guns

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GOP Fears Executive Order On Biometric Guns

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) is warning the Obama administration to not issue an executive order requiring that all new guns be made with biometric technology, such as finger-print recognition or bracelets.

Cornyn raised the issue in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, who in testimony earlier this month highlighted biometric bracelets and fingerprint identification as a safety issue.

“Your testimony has raised serious concerns for my constituents given President Obama’s track-record of acting beyond the scope of his legal authority and your hostility to the individual right to self-defense under the Second Amendment,” Cornyn wrote. “Is the Obama administration currently exploring the possibility of an executive order requiring all firearms to possess the technology capabilities you referenced in your testimony?”

Cornyn also asked Holder if the administration has any legal standing to make such a requirement on gun features, and expressed concern about how biometric guns could make it…

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This Incredible New Footage Shows How Close Bundy Standoff Came To A Massacre

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Senator Demands End to Secrecy on Chemtrails

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Christina Sarich

Source: Natural Society
April 15, 2014

Have you noticed increased cases of Alzheimer’s and Autism? The CDC recently admitted that autism numbers have doubled in a decade and more than 5 million Americans have a form of dementia. While there are multiple contributors to these phenomenon, including the increased use of pesticides and herbicides, the decline of real food, and the degradation of our environment as a whole, it is likely chemtrails play a significant part in the cognitive decline of our nation as well.

Our politicians, however, refuse to comment on the subject, with the exception of a rogue informant often put swiftly back into his place by mainstream media and their puppeteers. Now, an Italian senator is demanding that important state secrets be declassified so that the world can understand what is really happening in the sky above.

Senator Domenico Scilipoti MugSenator Domenico Scilipoti is not a champion for every…

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Game Over: David COHEN POSEL (Occupy Corporatism – US Independent) Exposed as “Global Depopulation Policy” Pawn

Originally posted on Truth News International ©:

David COHEN POSEL, you have already LOST your self-declared “war” and you don’t even realize it yet. Give it up before you hurt yourself more than is necessary and than you can handle because this “war” update below is merely a heads-up to BACK-OFF for it is a fact and promise that slowly but surely we will see to it that your sites will crumble if you really force us to. Back-off and we might allow you to further deceive your remaining readership.

Recently Mega Fraud DAVID COHEN POSEL, the husband of decepticon and copy/paster  SUSANNE COHEN POSEL, declared “war” on us and claimed that we couldn’t win this because his organization is so very big and he is so very powerful. His declaration came about after he was remembered about what kind of fraudsters that he and his wife are.

Now we could widely expand on the whole…

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Report: Research Facility “Loses” Thousands of Tubes Containing Deadly Virus

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Report: Research Facility “Loses” Thousands of Tubes Containing Deadly Virus

Mac Slavo
April 17, 2014

A French research institute working on various deadly viruses, including SARS, has apparently misplaced thousands of tubes and no one is quite sure where they went.

A routine inventory check at Paris’ Pasteur Institute revealed that 2,349 tubes containing fragments of the virus responsible for the deaths of 774 people in 2002 were missing, the centre named after French chemist Louis Pasteur said.

It is not clear how the tubes disappeared from one of the institute’s safest laboratories. Management were made aware of the loss in January, Le Monde newspaper reported.

For weeks, staff at the institute tried to find the missing vials, general director Christian Bréchot said.

“We’ve looked for those boxes [containing the tubes] everywhere,” Bréchot explained.

“We went thought the lists of all the people who have worked here in the past year and a half, including trainees. We have…

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Secrets of the Fed ^ | April 17, 2014 |

Posted on Thursday, April 17, 2014 12:59:31 PM by Art in Idaho


obama-destruction1 (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

As if the Obama administration’s purchase of more than 2 billion rounds of ammunition, and nearly 3,000 urban tanks, along with their unprecedented (and highly illegal) domestic spying program was not enough to convince you that the federal government is about to suspend the Constitution once and for all, the man who once vowed to run “the most transparent administration in history” has just rather inexplicably, ordered the U.S. Army to seize every Apache attack helicopter currently in use by the National Guard.


gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

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Former NASA Scientist: Global Warming Is ‘Nonsense’

Originally posted on GulfDogs:

A prominent scientist and former NASA researcher has added his voice to those who challenge the “scientific fact” that manmade carbon emissions are causing global warming.

Dr. Leslie Woodcock is a professor emeritus of chemical thermodynamics at the University of Manchester in England, with a Ph.D. from the University of London, and served as a senior research consultant at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Laboratory in Ohio.

In an interview with Britain’s Yorkshire Evening Post, Woodcock declared: “The theory of ‘manmade climate change’ is an unsubstantiated hypothesis.

“The theory is that CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuel causes ‘global warming.’ In fact, water is a much more powerful greenhouse gas and there is 20 times more of it in our atmosphere [than carbon dioxide].

“Carbon dioxide has been made out to be some kind of toxic gas but the truth is it’s the gas of life. We breathe it out, plants…

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Poll: Americans think Obama is a liar

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It took a few years, but Americans are finally coming around to the same opinion as famed congressional heckler Joe Wilson: Obama lies.

According to a new Fox News poll, 37 percent of registered voters believe Obama lies “most of the time” on “important matters,” while 24 percent said he lies “some of the time.” Twenty percent responded that he lies “only now and then” and just 15 percent believe he “never” lies.

Perhaps most surprisingly, 40 percent of self-identified liberals think the president lies “some” or “most” of the time.

The poll was conducted from April 13-15 and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

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Jews Ordered To Register Religion And Property In Donetsk, Ukraine – False Flag?

The battle of Old Homs continues and will be determined in days, while SAA Army advances its control over Aleppo area where takfirist terrorists killed 7 civilians in rocket attacks against population

Originally posted on the real SyrianFreePress network:

بالفيديو/عملیات الجیش للدخول الى مدينة حمص القديمة

The battle of Old Homs continues and will be determined in days

Syrian Army has launched a military operation in old Homs, after the truce lasted weeks under an agreement between the authorities and the armed men which was under the supervision of the United Nations what resulted in evacuating more than 1,400 civilians and entering food and material aids.

Reporters from the ‘Syrian Arab News Agency’ quoted a military source as saying that Syrian Army units, in cooperation with the National Defense Forces, have achieved important successes in old Homs, pointing out that they are progressing on al-Hamidiah and Bab Hood and Wadi Al-Sayeh.

Fierce clashes have broken out in most fronts around Homs old city, along with bombardments implemented by the Syrian forces.

In Homs, units of the Syrian Army have confronted the mercenaries in Wadi al-Sayeh neighborhood, as 36 local militians…

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Lavrov: Russia, US, EU, Ukraine agree on de-escalation roadmap

Originally posted on WORLD NEWS:

Russia, the US, the EU and Ukraine have adopted a joint document on the de-escalation of the Ukraine crisis, Russian Foreign MinisterSergey Lavrov said, after talks in Geneva. It calls for all illegal armed groups to lay down arms and a wide amnesty.

The document calls for an “immediate start of a nationwide national dialogue within the framework of the constitutional process, which must be inclusive and accountable,” Lavrov said.

The most important agreement reached during the talks, according to Lavrov, states that the Ukrainian crisis “must be resolved by the Ukrainians themselves concerning an end to the conflict” including those related to “detaining protesters, occupying buildings” and, in the long run “the start of true constitutional reform.”

“Among the steps that have to be taken are: the disarmament of all the illegal armed groups, and the return of all the occupied administrative buildings,” Lavrov told journalists…

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How the big bankers have dictated government policies for the past century, no matter who is president

Originally posted on History in a Hurry:

An excellent interview on with the super-smart former Wall Street exec Nomi Prins about her new book, All the Presidents’ Bankers . (Or should it be: All the Bankers’ Presidents ?) Learn how crony capitalism works, in about 20 minutes.


Nomi Prins Author of “All the Presidents Bankers“ on Upcoming Collapse | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.

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Originally posted on Land & Livestock International, Inc.:

Well, the BLM doesn’t have an exclusive monopoly on Federal Land Grabbing. Here is the proof–never ever trust any sumbitch from the government. — jtl, 419

Property owners fight government ‘land grab’

by Henry Lamb via WND

When Kit Laney answered a knock on his door Saturday, law enforcement officers from the U.S. Forest Service handed him a piece of paper announcing his Diamond Bar Ranch in southwest New Mexico would be shut down Wednesday and his 300 head of cattle grazing there would be removed – one way or the other.

Other Forest Service officials were busy nailing similar notices on fence posts along the highway and informing neighbors that after Feb. 11, they should not attempt to enter the Diamond Bar property.

Laney was not surprised. He knew someday there would be an on-the-ground confrontation to enforce a 1997 court ruling which says his cattle are trespassing on federal…

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BLM Federal Thugs attempting to steal another Rancher’s Land in Texas || by: Rob Richardson

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Originally posted on Jericho777:


After failing in their attempt to steal a Nevada Rancher’s land last week, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now setting their sights on ranchers in other areas of the country.

Tommy Henderson, a lifelong rancher in Texas, is locked in a vicious battle with the BLM who is trying to seize his 90,000 acres or land. Unlike the showdown in Nevada – where BLM officials claim Cliven Bundy has failed to pay them, what in my opinion are illegal land fees to begin with – Henderson has faithfully paid all federal fees, taxes and even has a legal deed to the disputed land.

Read More Here;    BLM Federal Thugs attempting to steal another Rancher’s Land in Texas

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Proxy Conflict With Russia: Ukraine Descends Into Open Warfare

Originally posted on Stop NATO...Opposition to global militarism:

February 20, 2014

1) Western news media coverage of Ukraine perverted: Russian foreign minister
2) “The West makes no comment on throwing of cocktail bombs or seizing of buildings”: Russian foreign minister says U.S. responsible for armed extremists in Ukraine
3) Speaker of the Crimean parliament: Well-train and well-armed contingent of 5,000 foreign mercenaries active in Kiev
4) Russian Foreign Ministry blames extremist gunmen for Ukrainian violence
5) Russia demands Ukrainian opposition halt violence
6) In consultation with Western patrons, Ukrainian insurgents engage in delaying tactics in order to accumulate arms: Presidential administration
7) Ukrainian Interior Ministry: Rioters employing specialized ammunition
8) Conflict with Moldova and Romania pending? Transdniester now effectively blockaded
9) British foreign secretary: “Violence against peaceful protestors is unacceptable and the Ukrainian gov should be held accountable”
10) Weimar Triangle meets Maidan Triumvirate: French, German, Polish foreign ministers meet with Tyagnybok, Klitschko, Yatseniuk
11) As…

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NATO To Deploy Land, Air, Sea Forces To Russian Border

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National Public Radio
April 16, 2014

NATO Makes Plans To Bolster Its Eastern Border

NATO has announced a strengthening of its forces near the alliance’s eastern border. Gen. George Joulwan, the former NATO supreme allied commander for Europe, discusses the plan.


In response to the situation in Ukraine, NATO’s secretary general today announced a strengthening of alliance forces near NATO’s eastern border. Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the moves are about defense, deterrence and de-escalation. In Rasmussen’s words, we will have more planes in the air, more ships on the water and more readiness on the land.

For more on the thinking behind NATO’s new deployments, we turn now to retired Gen. George Joulwan who is former NATO supreme allied commander for Europe. Welcome to the program.


SIEGEL: And how do you read the message from NATO? What are they saying here?


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