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RT: CIA torture is reason for France to exit NATO – Le Pen

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

Published time: December 13, 2014 19:24

France's far-right National Front political party leader Marine Le Pen.(Reuters / Charles Platiau )

France’s far-right National Front political party leader Marine Le Pen.(Reuters / Charles Platiau )

The shocking revelations of CIA torture techniques give France a reason to exit NATO, National Front party leader Marine Le Pen said on Saturday. The report on the CIA’s former interrogation practices has drawn wide criticism since its release.

If indeed everyone is outraged by the tortures used by the US then, let’s leave NATO,” Le Pen said during an interview with Europe 1 radio channel. She wrote the same statement on her Twitter account.

The US Senate Intelligence Committee’s CIA “torture report,” which details the CIA’s use of torture on prisoners in the wake of 9/11, was released by the Senate on Tuesday.

After four years of research at a cost of over $40 million, the findings unveiled the “enhanced interrogation techniques,” or EITs, used within the walls…

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Images 21/12/14

Originally posted on Follow The Money:


a large collection this week..starting with the UK logo for advertising how cool they are..”big business is great”..see what they did there?


the one eyed BBC bear i have featured before..and look who it hangs out the jimmy saVILE and charlie picture you can see the pyramid as well..


in 1972 all the worlds climate scientists had a consensus that would continue most of the decade..we were entering a new ice age..thats what the temperature beacons and satellites were telling them..the science was settled..the consensus were right..


a brief history of how the warming religion have back flipped, alarmed and fudged..they have lied and been wrong on nearly every claim they make..


please buy our debt..its got great yields!


i think FMG is a blight on the muslim female population where it is practised and there should be no apologists telling us its a good thing or that the…

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The U.S. Government Is Practically Begging for Global War

Originally posted on TheSurvivalPlaceBlog:

File:Upshot-Knothole GRABLE.jpg

By Joshua Krause – The Daily Sheeple  

More than two decades after the Berlin Wall fell, it appears that the United States and Russia are engaging in the same sort of proxy wars that were so common during the Cold War. Everywhere that Western and Russian spheres of influence meet there is the potential for conflict, and the two aging superpowers have shown their willingness fight through their neighbors. However, this game of chess has taken on a whole new dimension that is radically different than what we saw during the Cold War.

The whole point of a proxy war is to resist your enemy without actually engaging with him. Once the nuclear arms race began, it became clear that the massive ground battles of World War Two were a thing of the past. If a war starts between Russia and the US, it’s only a matter of time before…

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Deadly Fukushima Radiation Up 50,000% As Elevated Radiation Levels Seen Across North America

Originally posted on TheSurvivalPlaceBlog:

radiationBy Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Beta radiation levels are off the charts at monitoring sites all across North America, according to new reports. But experts are blaming these radiation spikes on practically everything except for Fukushima.

Data gathered from tracking units in California, Arizona, Illinois and elsewhere reveal radiation levels up to 50,000 percent higher than what was observed at the same time last year, and in some cases compared to levels seen this past summer. says the impacted sites are scattered throughout the country and aren’t just confined to the West Coast. Readings taken near Los Angeles; Chicago; Montgomery, Alabama; and Madison, Wisconsin, reveal total beta counts per minute (CPM) greatly exceeding the 1,000 CPM threshold considered by the government to be problematic.

In Tucson, Arizona, for instance, a 460 CPM reading was recently taken, which is more than 10 times higher than the…

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U.S. Sheriffs Fed Up As 25 Americans Are Killed Each Day By Illegal Aliens

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.03.28 PM

(Examiner) – Data from U.S. Sheriff’s offices revealing the startling fact that about 25 Americans are killed each day by illegal immigrants, has forced the concern that President Barack Obama’s biggest political enemy many not be the upcoming Republican Senate and House after all.

Millions of U.S. citizens, disenchanted with federal government’s broken promises and lack of will to defend the Constitution, are focusing confidence toward what some say could be the White House’s biggest secret fear: the local American Sheriff.

Sheriffs across the country are fed up. “With little to no information, financial assistance, or physical support from the federal government, sheriffs are struggling to understand the threats and risks to their counties,” wrote a coalition of Sheriff Associations.

As recently as last week a group of Sheriffs marched on Washington D.C. to protest the Obama immigration agenda. To make matters worse for the Executive and Congressional branches of…

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Names Redacted; CIA Torture Report Sparks Bush Arrest Plea

Featured Image -- 14426

Originally posted on Towards Emancipation:

Published on Dec 15, 2014

Just last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee released their full report on inhumane CIA torture tactics. Even though the report says former President George W Bush was kept in the dark until 2006, many people still believe he should be held accountable for the actions of the CIA during his term as Commander-in-Chief. In fact, the International Criminal Court has in their hands, an official request document for the immediate arrest of George W Bush.

Joining us today, is professor Francis Boyle from the University of Illinois’ College of Law. He’s very closely connected with the ICC, and is reporting on the status of the Bush arrest warrant request.

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Is Kaliningrad NATO’s Real Target?

Originally posted on Stop NATO...Opposition to global militarism:

December 12, 2014

Operation Trident Lance
Is Kaliningrad NATO’s Real Target?
By Diana Johnstone


Rick Rozoff’s vitally informative site, Stop NATO, just forwarded a Stars and Stripes report on “NATO’s largest training exercise since the end of the Cold War”.

The forces that took part in the exercise, called “Trident Lance”, mostly came from the Joint Multinational Training Center in Grafenwöhr, Germany. Command elements from Poland, Greece and Turkey also took part, while U.S. Army in Europe provided a hefty logistical contribution, the Army newspaper said.

NATO land forces commander Lt. Gen. John Nicholson said that the exercise showed that NATO’s Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) has finally reached full operational capacity.

Ready to go!

To go where?

“One aim of the exercise, Trident Lance, was to test how well a fully operational LANDCOM — which is charged with improving the effectiveness and reaction time of the alliance’s land forces…

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Laughable Propaganda Alert: Israeli Propaganda Machine MEMRI Presents the “ISIS™ ” Sex Slave Pamphlet

Originally posted on American Everyman:

by Scott Creighton

Released right on time to coincide with both the CIA torture study and John Horse-face Kerry’s request for more war everywhere, “ISIS™” has supposedly released their “how-to” guide for jihadists who wonder how they can treat their captured sex slaves.

Yes, it’s the “ISIS™” Sex Slave Pamphlet. And don’t worry about it’s authenticity, it’s got the Good Warmongering Seal of Approval from not 1 but 3 leading propaganda manufacturing NGOs: Middle East Media Research Institute, Quilliam and of course, MEMRI (because honestly, what Muslim hating propaganda can be considered even remotely authentic without a nod from MEMRI?)

The pamphlet itself isn’t posted on the MEMRI website everyone links back to. Instead, what is there is a typed translation and a picture of a cover.

At that site, they claim it was first posted on a “ISIS supporting Twitter account” on Dec.3rd of this…

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Pareiškimas dėl politinių represijų vykdymo, karinės isterijos ir ksenofobijos kurstymo

Originally posted on Douktris's Blog:

Pareiškimas dėl politinių represijų vykdymo, karinės isterijos ir ksenofobijos kurstymo

Pareiškimas dėl politinių represijų vykdymo, karinės isterijos ir ksenofobijos kurstymo

Lietuvoje toliau vyksta antidemokratiniai procesai, politinės represijos ir masiniai žmogaus teisių pažeidimai. Štai gruodžio  3 dieną Vilniuje įvykdytos kratos mokyklose-V.Kačialovo gimnazijoje ir S. Kovalevskajos vidurinėje mokykloje.  Vyko kratos ir kai kurių šių mokyklų pedagogų namuose. Šie veiksmai vykdyti tariamai dėl to-kad šių mokyklų moksleiviai atostogų metų vyko į sportines poilsio stovyklas užsienio šalyse. O Kaune šiuo metu vyksta teismo procesas, kuriame teisiami spalio 17 dieną Kaune vykusio sankcionuoto mitingo organizatoriai. Tai buvo mitingas prieš Lietuvos narystę NATO ir bandymus pradėti kurti Lietuvoje amerikiečių karo bazes. Tad galime daryti įtikinamas prielaidas-kad tokie  persekiojimai mitingo organizatorių atžvilgiu  vykdomi dėl politinių motyvų. Tokie procesai vyksta karo kurstymo ir isteriškos rusofobijos fone, nes neseniai LR Prezidentė pavadino Rusiją ,,teroristine valstybe“, tuo sukeldama didelę sumaištį ir net kai kurių vakarietiškų valstybių vadovų bei diplomatų nustebimą.

Tokie veiksmai, kaip ir kurie kiti  pastarojo laikotarpio įvykiai- tai…

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Agent Provocateur Draws Gun on Crowd After Being Outed at Berkeley Protests

Originally posted on American Everyman:

by Scott Creighton

Apparently, two undercover cops serving as agitators in the ongoing Berkeley protests were outed last night by real protesters and in the end, the cops, at an anti-police brutality march, resorted to doing what they do best.

Image: An undercover police officer, who had been marching with anti-police demonstrators, aims his gun at protesters after some in the crowd attacked him and his partner in Oakland

At least one person in attendance claims the two were agitating other protesters, trying to get them to break windows and loot stuff.

” One person tweeted that the undercovers were “instigators of looting,” while another said they were “banging on windows.” After they were unmasked, one of the cops drew his baton, threw it down on the ground, and then pulled a gun on the crowd as he arrested one of its members. After the first officer drew his weapon, someone allegedly punched…

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Refusing to ‘Dance to the Jews’ Tune’, Venezuela Gets Sanctions

Originally posted on The Ugly Truth:

Venezuela's Maduro receives a gift by Palestinian Ambassador Linda Ali ...

Link here

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Torture. . . appears to be THE news . . . but is it really THE distraction? ~J

EU Demands Russia Bail Out EU & Ukraine


What the actual feck? EU has gone mad this time, really…

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

byEric Zuesse.

Thanks to J.

IMF says Ukraine will be bankrupt ‘within weeks’ and needs $15 billion more for war against eastern Ukraine; EU threatens Russia with more sanctions if Russia lets Ukraine go bankrupt; EU will lose billions on Ukraine if Russia won’t bail them out.

The details are here and here.

And here’s the back-story to that:

Mark Adomanis of Forbes is the clearest and most honest writer in the West about Ukraine’s financial situation, though he propagandizes constantly against Russia just like all the rest of the West’s aristocracy-paid ‘reporters’ do (and must do, in order to keep their jobs). He wrote on 15 April 2014, that, “when it bought $3 billion worth of [Ukrainian Government] bonds at the end of 2013 Russia inserted a clause that stipulates that the total volume of Ukrainian state-guaranteed debt cannot exceed 60% of…

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A Year Without a Summer will happen again and Western Civilisation is not prepared!

Featured Image -- 14416

Edward Snowden on CIA #TortureReport: US Committed Inexcusable Crimes + Mark Udall: Torture Didn’t Keep Us Safer At All

Originally posted on Dandelion Salad:

Torture - America's Shame

Image by Mario Piperni via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

RT on Dec 10, 2014

Speaking via videolink at a Paris conference organised by pressure group Amnesty International, Snowden, who exposed secret NSA documents. said he was “deeply saddened and to a great extent angered’ by what he read.

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First the evil Pope, then the dumb Secretary of Defense, now Netanyahu, next the Bush clan. by benjamin. December 9, 2014

Sandy Hook False Flag Confirmed: New Documentary Ends the Lie

Originally posted on Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon:

Veterans Today James Preston

Note: Dr. James’ most appropriate article was published several days prior to the 12/1/2014 release of the explosive documentary: “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” by MEDIA SOLIDARITY

Finally Some Really Good News

Busted:  FBI official crime statistics show that no deaths occurred at the Sandy Hook Event.

  • Bingo, all the Dots connect – Nobody Died at Sandy Hook !
  • This is truly Great news for all Americans. Yes, Happy Days can be here Again in America !
  • Shout it out from the Rooftops of America, NO DEAD KIDS !

Sandy Hoax 1Excerpts:

No Dead Lanzas either.

And there is also some substantial evidence that there were NO DEAD LANZAS, that is, no Dead so-called Shooter Adam Lanza and no dead Nancy Lanza either, his so-called mother. In fact there is substantial reason to believe that Adam Lanza or Nancy Lanza never…

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Giraldi–‘Don’t Risk War With Russia’

Originally posted on The Ugly Truth:

Washington rushes to court open conflict with Moscow against every rational interest.

continue reading

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Volcanic activity worldwide 10 Dec 2014: Cerro Negro de Mayasquer Volcano, Erebus, Fogo, Fuego, Pavlof, Turrialba Volcano, Laguna del Maule, Aso

Originally posted on TheSurvivalPlaceBlog:

The lava flow of Fogo passing near a destroyed building (image: INVOLCAN / @involcan / twitter)

Fogo (Cape Verde): The second village Bangaeira in the path of the rapidly advancing lava flow has been destroyed within only a few hours.
With 2 villages destroyed, more than 1700 people displaced and without some of their most valuable economic possession, farmland, this now 15 days old eruption is the worst volcanic disaster of the century. The history of 150 years of settlement in the Cha caldera is now under lava.
The flow continues to be well alimented, but it is still too early to predict how far it will eventually go: Following the natural gradient, it still needs to travel for another 4 km until it can reach the break-in-slope towards the steep outer eastern flank. From there, it could rapidly reach the coastal area where another 3 villages would…

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Off-grid Project: Easy DIY Fire Starters

Originally posted on TheSurvivalPlaceBlog:

Fire starters collage

By Fred Tyrell – SurvivoPedia

There are so many other ways to start a fire than with matches, a lighter, charcoal lighter, or gasoline, so practice making fires using alternate methods before a major crisis strikes.

The following methods may take a little skill and practice, but if done correctly there will be a fire to cook on and to keep you warm.

Before starting your projects, keep in mind that there are some things to avoid in these projects:

  • Do not use gasoline or other petroleum products to help start a fire.
  • If you fail to start a fire, do not assume char cloth or other materials will not ignite if the right situation emerges after you walk away.
  • Prepare the fire lay area to make sure you can control the fire and any sparks that may come from it.

Fire Enhancers

Tea Lights and Small Candle Pieces


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Yla lenda iš maišo: Amerika pripažįsta sadistiškus kankinimus CŽV kalėjimuose

Featured Image -- 14404

Originally posted on Nacionalistas:

flag460X276Po taip vadinamo „tyrimo“, paties Vašingtono funkcionieriai jau oficialiai ir atvirai pripažino, kad Centrinė Žvalgybos Valdyba (CŽV) yra taikė sadistiškus kankinimus tardydama „terorizmu“ kaltinamus žmones; tiems, kurie nėra pernelyg naivūs ir atviromis akimis bei ausimis seka pasaulio įvykius, šitokia „išpažintis“, tiesą pasakius, tai tikrai jokia ne naujiena, bet tik gana banaliu jau virtusio fakto pripažinimas.

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InCIAdious: The Monsters Run the Asylum… still

Originally posted on American Everyman:

by Scott Creighton

“President Obama’s 2009 Executive Order repudiating torture does not repudiate the CIA extraordinary rendition program.”

For all the horror that our collective controlled opposition are are currently convulsing over, as bad as that 560 page redacted and politically correct summery of the 5,600 page real report that will NEVER be released, it pales in comparison to the real history of Capitalism’s Invisible Army and the bloody swath they’ve cut through the legacy of mankind on behalf of our “national interests”

Fallout From Brutal Report Continues… CIA’s Claims Of Torture Legitimacy Destroyed… Led To Fabricated Info… Didn’t Help Find Bin Laden… The Most Egregious Lies… ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’… Staggering Incompetence: Lost Detainees… Ex-Chief: I Did No Wrong… Obama Won’t Take Sides…  FULL REPORT: Horrific Details Of CIA’s Torture… Dozens Wrongfully Held… Torture Used Before Seeking Cooperation… CIA Paid Experts $81 Million…

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