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Libya and the Infamy of Freedom and Democracy

2011, 12 gruodžio


The scholar on the other side of the phone left Libya for Algeria for the phone conversation with nsnbc and still he is muffling his voice. “Why have I been so stupid“ he says blaming himself for having joined the initial anti government protests in Libya. “We were blinded by a well organized propaganda machine, blinded by our greed and envy of the neighbor who had a little more than we had, blinded by the belief that Democracy meant even more freedom and justice than what we already had. We were so indoctrinated by Western Propaganda that we tended to believe that being European was something special, something privileged, something we wanted to be. As if importing the failures of the socioeconomic and political model that was collapsing in Europe would bring us freedom and prosperity. This was the dumbest case of African and Arab self-destruction“.


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