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Israel Behind the Bloodshed in Syria Flagrant Violation of UN SCR – More Israeli Weapons Confiscated

2012, 22 kovo

Mosado rankos Sirijoje truputį aplaužytos – konfiskuota gausybė ginklų, kurių tiekimo kilmės šalis – Izraelis.

the real Syrian Free Press


Foreign Support to Terrorism is a Violation of U.N. Security Council Resolutions on Terrorism



Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent on Monday a message concerning the criminal terrorist acts witnessed in Damascus and Aleppo during the last two days to the Chairman of the UN Security Council, the UN Secretary-General, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Chairman of the Human Rights Council and the Higher Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Ministry said in its message that terrorism targeted the secure and safe houses and stable suburbs in Damascus Saturday morning March 17, 2012 leading to 27 martyrs, including corpses and 140 wounded people, the condition of some of them is critical.

The Ministry added that the bombing in Aleppo city came to complete the terrorist blood-shedding scheme carried out by terrorists and those who back them with money and weaponry.

It stressed that terrorism which is backed by regional…

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