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2013, 20 sausio




By Voice Of Russia, via E&R

A New PSYOPS is in preparation by NATO and WESTERN FORCES Against Syria. This Time the target will be Russia. After the Fake footage of the Fake Tripoli Green Place shot in Qatar during Libya war. After the Fake Footage of Damascus places also shot in Qatar and Jordan, The Evil Forces of Gulf Monarchies and NATO are preparing another Major PsyOps for Syria. The Western secret services are recruiting Slavonic Actors to make them play the role of Russians Mercenaries recruited by Bashar and captured by The “Free Syrian Army“. The information has been revealed by Russians Operatives to Voice Of Russia.

The ‘actors’ for the coming ‘Show’ are being recruited in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The qualifications required are as follow: having a military experience, or having done a military service, knowledge of weapons use…

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