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No Surveillance State Month, Part 2: VPN for Privacy

2013, 2 birželio

Professional Troublemaker ®

Locked NetworkWhen you send data across the Internet, in order to get where it needs to go, that data will likely pass through a dozen or more other computers before it gets to the proper destination. These computers belong to various telecoms, Internet Service Providers, and corporate routers, and any one of those computers can read everything you’re sending. Additionally, if you’re connected to the Internet using a wireless network, anyone within a few hundred feet of you can also read everything you’re sending. If the government wanted to snoop on you, all they need is to compel one of the many device owners to save a copy of your data, or, easier yet, sit outside your home and collect the data that you’re sending through the air. Many sources suggest that the U.S. government collects the Internet traffic of ordinary Americans en masse by putting data collection devices at telecoms.

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