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Clashes between foreign backed mercenaries and Syrian Army is resolved with hundreds of terrorists eliminated

2013, 14 rugpjūčio

the real Syrian Free Press



Militants’ clashes continued in the eastern area, as army targeted their gatherings in more than one point in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa; Syrian Arab Army forces also continued striking militant-headquarters in Darya.


Clashes between armed groups in the eastern area

Syrian Arab Army units clashed with an armed group in al-Hweiqa neighborhood in Deir Ezzor, what resulted in the killing of scores of gunmen and the injury of others including Fawzi Hujaij al-Swadi of al-Nusra, Ali Hami al-Jader, Abdullah Ali Jader, Mahmoud Ali al-Hasan, Ahmad Ali al-Hasan, Fadel Meslim al-Hamada and Fayez Saleh al-Salem of the so-called Liwaa al-Islam.



A unit of the armed forces clashed with gunmen in al-Sina’a district and killed many, among the killed militants were Ramadan Hussein al-Awa and Khalid al-Maddad of the so-called Liwaa Osoud al-Jazeera and al-Furat battalion.

In the meantime, Syrian army’s artillery targeted several gatherings of insurgents in 6…

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