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Doctors Without Borders Aiding Terrorists

2013, rugpjūčio 26

The Red Cross are smuggling RPG weapons contraband in wooden crates, just like in Libya

Covert Geopolitics

First there was this Red Cross, a humanitarian organization which can cross behind enemy lines during conflict of any magnitude. Why it can do so, is where Jordan Maxwell’s research comes into play.

The Red Cross is carrying the symbol of a cross because it was created by the same people that gave us the Vatican. The Red Cross’s function is laudable on the surface but once you consider where the funds it collected had gone for every disaster, manmade or otherwise, a darker picture will soon emerge.

Everybody knows Pope Benedict has resigned early this year, but not everyone knows that real cause of his resignation which is not some “mystical experience” but the exposure of the Vatican Bank’s involvement in mafia’s money laundering operations, among others.

Recent resignations include top Vatican officials, Director Paolo Cipriani and his deputy Massimo Tulli, “after the arrest of another Vatican…

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