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LATEST NEWS FROM SYRIA ~ November 17, 2013 ~ Video/News in ENG + Latest Military Events

2013, 18 lapkričio

the real Syrian Free Press


Following the request of many friends, who are unable to access to SANA to read the official news and do not have access to the satellite of the Syrian National TV, we propose here a summary of the main articles of the day and the Syrian video-news in Eng/Fra/Esp




Syrian Armed Forces
Invincible Arab Resistance Against Kafirs & Zionists







Latest Military Events


  • Damascus 2013-11-17

    Severe clashes occur between Syrian Army and opposition fighters in Barzeh al-Balad neighborhood near Tishreen hospital, along with sporadic artillery bombardments targeting many positions of the neighborhood.

  • Damascus Countryside 2013-11-17

    Syrian Air Forces bombard many locations of Free Army militia in Duma city of Damascus countryside, what resulted in material damage.

  • Hama 2013-11-17

    Syrian Air Forces target strongholds of al-Nusra Front in Aqerbat and Rasm al-Ward villages of Hama countryside, what resulted in casualties among the front’s ranks.

  • Edlib 2013-11-17

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