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Turkish journalist Fateh Yashli (Yurt): “Cooperation with al-Qaeda will get Turkey embroiled in troubles“

2014, 9 sausio

the real Syrian Free Press


Turkish journalist: Cooperation with al-Qaeda will get Turkey embroiled in troubles

Turkish journalist Fateh Yashli stressed that the government of the Development and Justice Party’s cooperation with al-Qaeda will create serious problems to Turkey.

In an article published by Turkish Yurt Newspaper, Yashli revealed that hundreds of trucks have transferred weapons to the terrorists in Syria with the Turkish government’s support.

He added that everybody knows that about these trucks which transfer various types of weapons and ammunition into Syria.



The Turkish journalist referred to the increasing western reports and statements, particularly those coming from the US, that speak of the Turkish government’s support to the salafi terrorism and al-Qaeda in Syria.

He stressed that exposing the involvement of the Turkish intelligence in smuggling weapons into Syria under the pretext of humanitarian aid will get Turkey embroiled in serious troubles.

Earlier, Turkish Hurriyet newspaper unveiled in its issue…

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