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Syrians abroad elect their president amid high voter turnout, voting extended until midnight

2014, 28 gegužės

the real Syrian Free Press


Syrians abroad elect their president amid high voter turnout, voting extended until midnight

With a remarkably high turnout, Syrian citizens abroad are casting ballots on Wednesday at the Syrian embassies in several capitals worldwide to choose one out of three candiates as a president for their country.

Due to the high turnout, the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections extends voting time in all Syrian Embassies where elections are held by five hours.

Since 7 am according to Moscow’s local time, the Syrian citizens in Russia headed to their country’s Embassy for choosing a president who they deem competent and capable of fulfilling their national aspirations.

Two rooms were prepared in the Embassy for citizens to elect secretly and in a democratic atmosphere.

A number of the Syrians voted in blood to express their farthermost support to the Syrian state and army, adding that voting is the least to do…

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