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The Memories From One act of Kindness can Last a Lifetime

2014, 2 rugsėjo

Kindness Blog

The Memories From One act of Kindness can Last a Lifetime

by Douglas Evans


Over 30 years have passed, since this particular act of Kindness was shown towards me, yet I can still clearly remember what happened and I remain deeply thankful to the person who helped the little boy that I once was.

I was an eight year old school boy, a bright but shy and skinny lad with not much confidence at all. The opposite of me was Frank (not his real name) who was an over-confident 8-year old lad with piercing blue eyes that didn’t seem to blink as often as they should. He was a bit ‘starey’, ya know? Sort of Starey-scarey. I knew that some of my friends were frightened of him. He swore sometimes, even had sworn at a teacher once, and had been escorted out of class many times for being a nuisance…

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