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Images 16/8/15

2015, rugpjūčio 16

Follow The Money


yes..its all true..wake up..these are not real companies that care about you..they are orwellian technocratic giants..

Justin-Bieber-Where-Are-You-Now-Nodens-Bush-911 his latest song “where are you now” there are subliminal images flashing up..the image above and the 4 below can all be found on there..bush eh..not israel as well?


love the devil..hand jobs for god..cute..






they know exactly what they are doing..

Adam Weishaupt

who is on the one dollar bill then?


one part is complete..they are in a coma..


she said they would do it..and how they would do it..they did it..yet nobody goes to jail..and nobody gets investigated except for the paparazzi..


incredible charts..synchronicity..


and i quote:

“This ad for the Latin Mass Society is strange. It features a young woman doing the one-eye sign as she is reading the Bible. Why? Above her is a quote from Carlos Espinosa who is said to be the President / CEO of Holy…

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