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McCain Run Off the Reservation on Code Talker Day :) :) :)

2015, rugpjūčio 17

Navaho genties atstovai ir bendraminčiai aktyvistai išvijo manijaką McCain’ą iš rezervacijos

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

AUGUST 15, 2015
Thanks to U.

Water Rights Senate Bill 2109

I’ve heard the statement numerous times, “You’re off the reservation”, or “Run off the reservation”. In Senator John McCain’s case this is the first time I’ve heard of a government official run off an Indian Reservation.

Yesterday 14 Aug 2015, Navajo Code Talker Day on the Navajo Nation, activists ran Sen. John McCain, who was in attendance, out of the building and off the rez! Activists were standing up in defense of their water rights.

We will rise up as the new leaders of our Nations, in solidarity with our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters, and we start by saying NO MORE ALLOWING state or federal politicians and the corporations they represent entrance into our homelands. Those who are responsible for our people being poisoned, starved, kept in poverty and removed from our sacred territories, are not welcomed here!! We will…

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