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What you have to know about rape and murder of Syrian refugees in so-called secure camps in Jordan and Turkey

2015, rugsėjo 4

the real Syrian Free Press

Syrian refugee women raped-6

Has Turkey and Jordan lived to their promise about Syrian people? In what conditions do live Syrian refugees? What do you know about rape and murder of Syrian refugee women and girls in so-called ‘secure’ camps? Read this report to know much which is revealed about a US conspiracy against Syria.

Two years past since Syrian crisis, which, to the testimony of friends and enemies of Syria, it was not a people’s revolution,  but a conspiracy to overthrow Syrian government and landing blow to axis of Resistance against Israel.

Syrian crisis has negative effect not only on Syrian government, but more also to Syrian people. Regardless of civilians killed in the crisis, thousands abandoned their homes in fear of their lives and homes, and get refuge in neighboring countries.

Al-Zaatari camp in Jordan-3

Crisis centers in Syria

Centers of crisis and conflict in Syria are in western and north western provinces of Quneitra, Swayda…

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