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Al-Jaafari: “Astana [Kazakhstan] meeting succeed in consolidating cessation of hostilities for a specific period of time” [Full Report]

2017, sausio 25

“We worked over the last two days painstakingly around the clock to make this meeting a success, and we did everything we could to remove the obstructions. Therefore, we believe that Astana meeting succeeded in achieving the goal of consolidating the cessation of hostilities for a specific period of time, which would pave the way for dialogue among the Syrians,” al-Jaafari told a press conference in the capital of Kazakhstan, that hosted a two-day meeting on the crisis in Syria. He expressed thanks to the Kazakh leadership “for all the facilitations it provided to help our meetings and activities succeed.” Al-Jaafari also extended thanks to the “Russian and Iranian friends” for their great efforts that have effectively contributed to make a success of the cessation of hostilities in order to reach towards stopping the Syrian bloodshed and working together with these groups to eliminate terrorism and reconstruct Syria. “Stop playing with fire and betting on losing cards. Everybody has lost, including the countries supporting terrorism. Terrorism has arrived in their own backyards, which is something that we warned of from the very beginning,” said al-Jaafari. “It was distressful that we had to sit in the same room with other Syrians that are linked to foreign agendas and are working for foreign authorities, and some of them are committed to terrorist groups,” said al-Jaafari, noting that this also happened before in Moscow and Geneva. “However, no matter the cost, we would do that to save our state and our people. We do that according to a certain framework and a certain agenda, and also in light of the expected meetings, and we don’t do it without planning,” he added……………….

via Al-Jaafari: “Astana [Kazakhstan] meeting succeed in consolidating cessation of hostilities for a specific period of time” [Full Report] — the real Syrian Free Press


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